8 Pack USPS Flat Rate Whale Pod Shipper

$3.50 - $3.95 USD

The Whale Pod 8 Pack USPS Flat Rate Shipper was designed to safely ship up to eight 12oz or 16oz cans in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. Each 8 pack shipper contains two 4 pack inserts. The 2 inserts fit perfectly snug into a side loading USPS Medium Flat Rate box. There is no need to use any packing materials. The can holders in the inserts will protect them from movement or damage during shipping. These will save you time and money!

Due to the quality of the corrugate of the USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes, we recommend using our gusseted poly bags for these shipments. The bags fit perfectly over the 2 inserts, and will seal the cans in case breakage occurs.

USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes are not included. You can get them for free at your local post office, or at USPS.com.

Check out just how easy they are to assemble, by viewing the video assembly instructions, or you can view the instruction sheet here.

Disclaimer – Shipping alcoholic beverages through USPS is illegal. These Pods are made to ship cans of liquid, which can be kombucha, cider, soda, tea, water, or anything non alcoholic.

Quantity Price
5 - 9 $3.95
10 - 19 $3.75
20+ $3.50

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