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Unboxing Pods are exactly what they sound like – Pods made for the unboxing experience. Let’s face it, the artwork on your can labels is important. You need to showcase it. That’s exactly what these are made for. Unboxing Pods use the same ultra protective PE foam and high quality corrugate (32ECT) as our Premium Pods, but are designed to display the cans on their side when the box is opened.

Simple to assemble and pack, require no additional packing materials.

Includes ultra protective foam inserts.

Fully customizable printing options.

Fits 16oz and 12oz standard cans, and 12oz Sleek style cans.

Time saving and easy to use, resulting in streamlined shipping.

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shipping boxes for beer cans 2 pack influencer packaging

2 Pack Unboxing Pod Whale Pod Shipper

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marketing boxes for beverages 3 cans

3 Pack Unboxing Pod Whale Pod Shipper

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boxes for shipping 4 beer cans high quality marketing 16oz unboxing

4 Pack Unboxing Pod Whale Pod Shipper

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shipping boxes for 6 16oz cans 12oz cbd sleek

6 Pack Unboxing Pod Whale Pod Shipper

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boxes for shipping 8 beer cans cbd cider 16oz

8 Pack Unboxing Pod Whale Pod Shipper

$9.95 - $10.95 USD
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Wholesale Pricing Available

Whether you're a beverage brand that ships direct to consumer, a company shipping beverages for marketing purposes, or a home brew club shipping to competitions, we got you covered with wholesale pricing and quantity price breaks on all of our Pods.

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Disclaimer - Shipping beer or alcoholic beverages of any sort may be illegal in your state. Please reference your state laws, as well as the laws of the state you are shipping to for legalities. We do not sell beer, only shipping boxes. Our shipping boxes are used under your own discretion, Whale Pod Shipper is not liable or responsible for anything shipped within them.

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