Slim Can Pods

The Slim Can line of Whale Pods were designed to safely and easily ship sleek style beverage cans. They are made to fit 12oz, 250ml (8.4oz), as well as 7.5oz-8oz slim or Sleek style cans. These Pods are both eco friendly, and economical. They feature triple corrugate wall protection on all sides. You can ship cans alone in these, or cans packaged in 4 pack paperboard packaging.

Simple to assemble and pack, require no additional packing materials.

Time saving and easy to use, resulting in streamlined shipping.

Triple corrugate layer bottom, double wall sides and top provide adequate can protection.

Compact, lightweight, and economical in both price and cost to ship.

Fully customizable printing options.

All components are 100% recyclable.

Wholesale Pricing Available

Whether you're a beverage brand that ships direct to consumer, a company shipping beverages for marketing purposes, or a home brew club shipping to competitions, we got you covered with wholesale pricing and quantity price breaks on all of our Pods.


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