So you want to ship beer? Direct to consumer shipping has many benefits. Higher profit margins, quality control, logistical control, etc. There are many things to consider before starting to ship DTC though, so we’re here to help.

We’ll start with the packaging. If you’re here, you already know who to contact for that. Let’s just be clear on the differences in packaging out there. You can use cheap, basic boxes with bubble wrap and packing peanuts (which are a nightmare). Maybe this will get your product to your customer undamaged, maybe not. They are time consuming to assemble and pack, and even if they do make it there, the presentation will be less than impressive. Or you can use Whale Pods, which will simple, easy to assemble, ultra protective, and will leave an impression. The unboxing experience is like no other, and your brand will be fully represented. It’s plain and simple, quality beverages deserve quality boxes.

Now let’s move on. Since you you know where to get the packaging, it’s time to start considering legalities.

What are legalities? It differs from state to state. This company will help you with all of the compliance. 


Once you get the legalities out the way, you’ll need a top notch website. This company will help you with that.


Now once you have your site setup, you’ll just need to market it properly. This company is our go to.


Below are some vids on important things to consider. Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions!

Shipping Beer in the United States | Everything you need to know.

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