If you’re shipping sleek style beverage cans, you’ve come to the right place. You already knew that though. Sleek cans have become a very popular style of beverage can, especially in the past few years. The most popular sizes of them are 12oz, 8.4oz (250ml), and 8oz. 12oz are by far the most popular, and many beverage companies have started using them. A wide variety of drinks are canned in sleek style cans, including wine, seltzer, cold brew coffee, kombucha, cider, RTD cocktails, sparkling water, as well as CBD / THC infused seltzer, to name a few.


Now that so many companies are shipping their beverages in sleek cans direct to consumer, there must be an easy and trustworthy way of shipping them, right? Until we came along, there actually were no quality sleek can shipping boxes on the market. Needless to say, there were many dented and damaged cans shipped, before the Slim Can Pods along.

Slim Can Pods make it very simple to ship any size sleek can, in a number of different quantities. We offer shipping boxes for sleek cans in 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack, 12 pack, 16 pack, and 24 packs. These Pods will fit 12oz, 8.4oz, and 8oz sleek or slim style cans. 12oz sleeks are used by just about every type of beverage company out there, from canned wine to CBD drinks.cbd seltzer

8oz sleek cans have been very popular with the soda and beer brands like Bud Light lately, allowing them to sell drinks in smaller sized units.

8oz beer cans

The 8.4oz are popular with cold brew companies RTD cocktails, non-alcoholic, and energy drink companies like Red Bull (who we actually do custom Pods for).

red bull 8.4oz

So why are Slim Can Pods the easiest way to ship sleek cans? Sure, you could use some old standard box and fill up with packing peanuts like they did in 1987, but that doesn’t sound too economical. Our Pods are specifically made for sleek cans, they are made to ship and require no additional packing, and are presentational as well. Now that you know what packaging to use, direct to consumer shipments have never been easier. Now go on, can some of your delicious beverages in sleek style cans, and use our Slim Can Pods to ship them to your customers!

slim can pods
Shipping boxes for sleek cans