6 Pack Whale Pod 12oz Bottle Shipper

$6.25 - $6.99 USD

After many different designs, tests, more tests, re-designs, and more tests, we believe we’ve developed the world’s best bottle shipper. These Pods are made to ship standard sized 12oz Long Neck bottles.

We used ultra strong and durable corrugate on these, and 3 different foam pads on the inside, to keep the bottles safe. Each bottle sits in it’s own foam slot, on top of a layer of foam to protect from bottom impact. A center piece of foam prevents any type of bottle movement, and a top layer protects the bottles from top impact. The outer box is made to withstand impact, and there is no need for any other packing. Just stick your shipping label on the box and you’re good to go!

We made this one for home brewers, breweries, and friends to easily and safely ship bottles. It’s takes just seconds to assemble, and will keep your bottles safe through the harshest shipping conditions.

Gusseted poly bags are optional. The bags fit perfectly over the 6 bottles and will seal the shipment in case breakage occurs. Fragile labels are optional as well. These 3″x 5″ high quality gloss, pressure sensitive labels are sold 2 per box.

The assembled box measures 9 7/16” X 6 9/16” X 10.5”, and weighs 9lbs with full beverage bottles in it.

View assembly instructions.

Quantity Price
2 - 4 $6.99
5 - 9 $6.75
10 - 19 $6.50
20+ $6.25

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Additional information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 0.68 in