12 Pack Premium Whale Pod Shipper

$10.99 - $11.99 USD

The 12 Pack Premium Whale Pod Shipper is the strongest, most reliable twelve can shipping container on the market. These Whale Pods use ultra strong (32ECT B Flute) outer corrugate and PE foam inserts, and can safely fit and protect twelve 16oz or 12oz cans! There are 3 foam inserts (bottom, middle, and top) that protect and hold the cans perfectly in place.

The optional poly bags fit perfectly over the cans and will seal the shipment in case breakage occurs. Because of the quality of the corrugate and foam of the Whale Pod, breakage should not occur.

Key Features

Simple to assemble and pack, require no additional packing materials.

Includes ultra protective foam inserts.

Fully customizable printing options.

Fits both 12oz or 16oz cans.

Time saving and easy to use, resulting in streamlined shipping.

The assembled box measures 14.25″ x 10″ x 7.5″

Check out just how easy they are to assemble, by viewing the assembly instructions.

Quantity Price
2 - 4 $11.99
5 - 11 $11.50
12+ $10.99

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Whale Pod Shippers are the highest quality, most durable craft beverage shipping boxes on the market. They are made of quality components that not only protect your cans, but are environmentally friendly. The corrugate box was designed to protect the shipment from the most rigorous shipping conditions, and the foam is durable and impact resistant, unlike Styrofoam which cracks and breaks under pressure. Whale Pods are designed to reusable, so you can get multiple shipments out of one box!

Whale Pods are made to safely ship all canned beverages including beer, wine, tea, coffee, seltzer, and soft drinks. As long as it comes in a 12oz or 16oz can, Whale Pod Shippers are the safest and easiest way to ship these beverages and spirits.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 1.13 in