Sustainability Statement

Whale Pod Shipper aspires to be a leader in packaging sustainability. We are committed to the journey in a number of ways.

At Whale Pod, sustainability is the way we manage and operate our business to best serve our customers, care for the environment, and provide eco-friendly products in a way that minimizes our carbon footprint.

Our daily operations involve three key elements, which you can find below.

Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations

  • Transport goods and products in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts.
  • Reduce fuel, energy, water and other resources needed to ship our products, as well as operate our business.
  • Increase recycling and reuse efforts through waste minimization.
eco friendly cardboard boxes

Design eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable products

  • Provide beverage packaging solutions that are fully recyclable, reusable, and eco-friendly. Our Pods are made to protect beverages, but also made to protect the environment.
  • Source our raw materials from the most environmentally conscious companies, and partner with ones that have the same goals in mind.
  • Communicate regularly with customers to ensure we are providing not only quality products, but ones that align with their sustainability efforts.

Support sustainable growth

Whale Pod is a small company that is growing quickly. We are  constantly collaborating with suppliers, manufacturers, and other companies to grow sustainably, considering all environmental impacts.

beer wine shipping boxes

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