Spritz – what is it, and how do you ship cans of it?

A “spritz drink” is a type of cocktail that is typically made with wine or Prosecco, a bitter liqueur such as Aperol or Campari, and soda water. It is a popular drink in Italy, especially during the summer months.

The origins of the spritz drink can be traced back to the Veneto region of Italy, where it was originally made with still white wine and soda water. However, over time, the recipe has evolved to include Prosecco and a variety of bitter liqueurs.

So how do you make Aperol Spritz? Well look no further.

Spritz drinks are popular for their refreshing and slightly bitter taste, which makes them a great choice for sipping on a hot summer day. They are also relatively low in alcohol content, making them a good option for those who want to enjoy a drink without getting too intoxicated.

Traditionally, to make a spritz drink, you typically fill a wine glass with ice, add a measure of bitter liqueur, and top it off with Prosecco or wine and a splash of soda water. The drink is usually garnished with a slice of orange or a green olive. Nowadays, companies are canning spritz, and shipping cans of spritz direct to consumer.

shipping boxes for cans of spritz 12oz 250ml 8oz

Canned spritz drinks are becoming increasingly popular as they are convenient and easy to transport for outdoor events, picnics, or camping trips. They are typically made with wine or sparkling wine, bitter liqueurs, and soda water, just like the traditional spritz cocktail. Some brands may also add natural fruit flavors to their canned spritz drinks to enhance the taste. Most beverage companies are selling canned spritz in 8oz, 8.4z (250ml) or 12oz sleek style cans. Many companies are now selling canned spritz, including Spritz Society, Ghia, Straightaway Cocktails, Lorenza, Free AF, and Ciroc are just a few of the many.

Canned spritz drinks are often marketed as a low-alcohol alternative to other alcoholic beverages, making them an appealing option for those who want to enjoy a refreshing drink without the high alcohol content of traditional cocktails. They are also a great option for those who may not have the skills or time to mix a traditional spritz cocktail at home.

boxes for shipping skeel cans 8oz 8.4oz 12oz 250ml

So how to ship it? Well you’ve come to right place. Our Slim Can Pods are specifically made to ship sleek style cans. These shipping boxes for sleek cans range in size from 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, or 24 packs. Many of our customers are shipping cans of RTD cocktails, mocktails, CBD infused seltzer, hard cider, canned cocktails, kombucha, canned wine, or even canned water, these Pods are made to fit all beverages canned in slim or sleek style cans.

We offer full custom printing on our Slim Can Pod beverage can shipping boxes as well, so companies can print their logo on the box, enhancing the unboxing experience, and increasing post purchase branding. Sometimes spritz is canned in standard 12oz or 16oz cans as well, and we make Pods to fit those as well. Our Econo-Pods will perfectly fit either size of those.

slim can pods

In summary, canned spritz drinks are a pre-mixed or ready-to-drink version of the traditional spritz cocktail that come in a can, making them a convenient and portable option for those who want to enjoy a refreshing and low-alcohol beverage. If you’re company looking to ship them direct to consumer, you know where to find the best beverage shipping boxes for that!

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