Shipping Hemp Beverages – Sailing Through Legal Waters

As the demand for hemp-infused beverages continues to surge, businesses are faced with the intricate task of shipping these products while navigating a complex legal landscape. This article delves into the legalities surrounding the shipping of hemp beverages, examining the regulations that businesses must adhere to in order to transport these products legally and efficiently.

The legal framework for hemp-derived products, including beverages, finds its roots in the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States. This landmark legislation removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, legalizing its cultivation, transportation, and sale. However, it’s essential to note that the legality of hemp beverages is contingent on meeting specific criteria outlined in the bill, particularly the requirement that the THC content must not exceed 0.3%.


While the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp at the federal level, the issue of transporting hemp beverages across state lines introduces a layer of complexity. Each state retains the authority to regulate the production and sale of hemp products within its borders. Businesses engaged in shipping hemp beverages must navigate this patchwork of state regulations, ensuring compliance with each jurisdiction’s specific requirements.

One of the central legal challenges in shipping hemp beverages revolves around THC content. The 0.3% THC threshold established by the 2018 Farm Bill is a critical benchmark. Companies must employ rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee that their products fall within this limit. Non-compliance could result in legal consequences, emphasizing the need for precision in formulation and testing.


What exactly is a hemp beverage? Our friends at Boisson wrote a great article on everything you need you know about CBD and Hemp infused beverages. You can check that out here. 

Clear and accurate labeling is a legal imperative for shipping hemp beverages. Regulations mandate that product labels must include essential information, such as THC content, CBD content (if applicable), ingredients, and proper dosage instructions. Adhering to these labeling requirements not only ensures legal compliance but also empowers consumers to make informed choices about the products they consume. Below is an example of a proper label requirements. The tricky part about the labeling requirements is that it varies state by state, and they also very on whether your drinks are CBD or Hemp infused.


Will UPS, Fedex and USPS ship hemp beverages? The short answer is yes. All three shipping companies will ship them, because it’s legal to ship them, if they are under .3% THC content.  You can even ship them legally across state lines. Many hemp beverage companies are shipping direct to consumer. You can check out more info on their websites – UPS, Fedex, USPS.

So what boxes do you use to ship hemp beverages? Well, you’ve come to right place. We have a specific line of shipping boxes for hemp infused beverages. We offer an entire line of shipping boxes for sleek or “slim” style cans. We have the 7.5oz-8oz can shipping boxes, the 250ml (8.4oz) can shipping boxes, as well as the 12oz sleek can shipping boxes. So if you’re looking for THC Hemp infused beverage shipping boxes that will fit any size functional beverage cans, Whale Pod is your one stop shop!

7.5oz 8oz beverage can shipping boxes

Given the legal complexities, businesses shipping hemp beverages must implement comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. This includes legal consultations, staying abreast of regulatory updates, and establishing robust quality control processes. Additionally, maintaining open communication with shipping partners and regulatory authorities can help address challenges proactively.

The legalities surrounding the shipping of hemp beverages are intricate and dynamic, requiring businesses to stay vigilant and informed. As the hemp industry matures, it is anticipated that regulatory frameworks will evolve. Businesses that navigate the legal waters with precision, transparency, and compliance will not only ensure the legality of their operations but will also contribute to the establishment of a robust and reputable hemp beverage industry.

Lastly, we figured we’d name a few of our favorite THC infused hemp beverages that you can have shipped directly to your door! Check these out –

Brez – they make great tasting microdosed cannabis and mushrooms in can!
Happi – they make a variety of different flavored TCH infused seltzers!
Cann – by far the most popular cannabev company, they have unique flavored THC drinks like Cranberry Sage!
Wynk – THC infused seltzers are their specialty, and they have some tasty flavors like Juicy Mango!
Calexo – say goodbye to hangover with Calexo’s non alcoholic THC infused seltzer, or their non infused seltzers!

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