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June 13, 2024

Whale Pod Shipper Launches Flex Pods: A Biodegradable Solution for Beverage Shipping

Okemos, Michigan, USA — Whale Pod Shipper, a leading name in direct-to-consumer beverage packaging solutions, has just launched its new product line: Flex Pods. The new line of packaging is aimed to provide an economical, protective, and presentable shipping solution, while keeping the number of components to a minimum.

As consumers increasingly demand simple to assemble, yet protective alternatives, Whale Pod Shipper has created a can shipping solution for larger pack sizes (12 and 24 packs) with built-in inserts. The aim is to meet the needs of beverage companies seeking practical, durable, and sustainable can shipping cartons.

Flex Pods are designed to fit 12oz standard cans, 16oz cans, as well as 12oz Sleek style cans.


Flex Pods: Elevating Beverage Packaging

Whale Pod Shipper has combined cutting-edge packaging design and eco-consciousness to create Flex Pods. These protective, presentable, biodegradable Pods are intended to redefine beverage shipping packaging. Key features include:

—Ultimate protection: Utilizing built-in can dividers, Flex Pods are made to protect canned beverages from damage during shipping, guaranteeing that they arrive in pristine condition.

—Presentable packaging: Flex Pods are designed to showcase brands with professional looking boxes that convey the quality of the products within, whether it is craft beers, hemp infused beverages, wine, RTD cocktails, or canned cold-brew coffee.

—Customizability: Whale Pod Shipper offers the option to custom-print Flex Pods, allowing companies to create a professional, branded image.

—Biodegradability: Flex Pods are crafted with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that they break down harmlessly, leaving no trace on the planet.


Versatile Drinks Delivery Solution

Flex Pods are designed to make the beverage shipping process safe and simple. They feature triple wall corrugated cardboard protection on the top, 4 pack can separators in the middle, and double wall protection on the bottom, making them ultra protective and easy to assemble. The box is made of heavy-duty C flute 32ECT grade cardboard, making these some of the strongest and most durable Pods to date.

About Whale Pod Shipper

Whale Pod Shipper is based in Michigan, and ships nationwide. Its beverage shipping solutions cater to the diverse needs of the dynamic US beverage industry. Specializing in direct-to-consumer packaging, Whale Pod Shipper creates solutions for both canned and bottled beverages, that include beer, wine, soda, cider, seltzer, cocktails, mocktails, spritzers, cold-brew coffee, RTD, and THC/CBD-infused beverages.

 Whale Pod Shipper is committed to delivering sustainable, protective, and customizable shipping solutions for the beverage industry.  Flex Pods are a testament to the company’s dedication to both creating quality packaging and protecting the environment.

Further Information

For more information about Whale Pod Shipper and Flex Pods, please visit: whalepodshipper.com

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