8 Pack Premium Whale Pod Shipper

$5.99 - $7.49 USD

The premium line of Whale Pod Shippers were designed to safely and easily ship beverage cans. They use ultra protective PE foam that holds the cans perfectly in place, as well as strong corrugate to protect them during shipping. The 8 Pack Premium Whale Pods were designed to ship up to 8 pint (16oz) or 12oz cans. We do not recommend mixing and matching 16oz and 12oz cans in these Pods, it’s best to ship all 16oz or all 12oz cans in each Pod, due to sizing of the cans.

Each 8 pack beverage shipper contains 2 – 8 pack foam inserts, and outer box. The 2 inserts fit perfectly snug into the provided outer box. There is no need to use any packing materials. There is no need for any type of packaging over the outer box, you just slap the shipping label right on the outer box, and you’re good to go! The secure can holders in the inserts separate the cans, and will protect them from any movement or damage during shipping. These can shippers use the same strong corrugate and foam as our other trustworthy Whale Pods.

Do you have less than 8 cans to ship? Don’t worry! The design of the 8 Pack Shipper allows you to safely ship from 1 to 8 cans. The extra space of the empty can slots will not be a problem, and the cans you ship will still stay snug and protected.. If you have 6 or less cans to ship, we recommend using our 6 Pack Premium Shipper though, it’s a smaller size, and will be cheaper to ship. If you have 4 or less to ship, we recommend using our 4 Pack Premium Shipper though, it’s a smaller size, and will be cheaper to ship as well.

Our gusseted poly bags for these Pods fit perfectly over the cans, and will seal the cans in case breakage occurs. These are not required while shipping, but they do add a waterproof barrier to your cans.

The assembled box measures 12 7/8” X 6 9/16” X 7 1/4”

Quantity Price
2 - 4 $7.49
5 - 9 $6.99
10 - 19 $6.49
20+ $5.99

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14.5 × 2.25 in